Mobility Scooter Accessories: 16 That Are Useful

Your mobility scooter is your lifeline to freedom, independence, and fun! So why not personalize it? You may need to carry along some items throughout your day to keep you going. Here are 16 Mobility Scooter Accessories to keep you safe and provide storage space for your possessions.

  1. Armrest Bag
  2. Basket
  3. Flag
  4. Drink Holder
  5. Joystick Weather Cover
  6. Mobility Scooter Poncho
  7. LED Light
  8. LED Strobe Light on Rod
  9. Oxygen Tank Holder
  10. Phone Holder
  11. Rear View Mirror
  12. Reflective Safety Vest
  13. Scooter Canopy
  14. Seatback Bag
  15. Walking Aids Holder
  16. Weather Cover

Mobility scooter accessories can personalize and add convenience to your mobility scooter. Here are some ideas to help you choose which accessories will benefit you.

Armrest Bag

Armrest bags come in different sizes and styles but basically do the same thing. They are ideal for storing much-needed items, like your keys, pen, paper, wallet, phone, etc. while on the go. If you have a need to carry more things with you, then a bigger bag may be for you. But if you just need a few things throughout your day a smaller bag should work. Also, a handlebar carry bag is an option too.

An armrest bag gives you access to your belongings right at your fingertips. They can easily store things that you need to get to often. No need to have to get out of your chair to reach behind you for your items or have someone else retrieve them for you as you would from a seatback bag.

These bags are designed to attach to an armrest on your mobility scooter or wheelchair without rubbing against the wheels. They usually have a strap or clasp on the bottom of the bag that secures the bottom of the bag to keep it from flopping around as you scoot around.

Here are two different styles of armrest bags.


Front Baskets

If your scooter does not already come with a front basket, adding one offers a storage compartment to carry your necessities, for your outings. Always be prepared with the things you need.

A basket on your mobility scooter can add a great deal of space for storage. They come in extremely handy while shopping. A front basket attached to your handlebars is best for this. Easily add and retrieve your items as you go through the store.

A front basket would be great for carrying things that you don’t need to stow away. It is also good for bigger bulkier items that you need to carry around. You can get them in metal, plastic, and fabric.

A front basket can also carry a small or tiny dog companion with you on your journeys.

Rear Baskets

Rear baskets add even more added compartments for carrying things, like extra groceries, bags, maybe even oxygen tanks, luggage pieces, boxes, etc. Having the ability to carry more things when needed adds to a more comfortable experience when out.

A folding rear basket that you can fold up when not in use is less of an obstacle when not needed.


Adding a flag to your mobility scooter enables added safety. Be more visible in parking lots with a lot of car traffic. People in mobility scooters are not as tall as people walking through a parking lot, so they would be harder to see by motorists. A flag would solve this problem and make a person more visible.

Flags can be folded down when not needed, therefore fewer obstacles when transporting your scooter either in your vehicle or on the rear of your vehicle.

Drink Holder

If you opt to carry a smaller bag and have no room in your bag for a drink, a drink holder will be very useful for those times.

Want to enjoy your favorite beverage while out and about, or even stop at your favorite coffee shop for a coffee to go while shopping? You are going to need a place to keep that beverage, that is where a drink holder can come in handy.

Joystick Weather Cover

If you are an active person and a bit of a thrill seeker you may not worry too much about the weather stopping you. So you may need some extra protection for your mobility scooters’ electrical components that are susceptible to the elements.

A joystick weather cover is a must if you are an active person because you just may get caught in the rain and a joystick cover will protect your scooter from becoming immobile.

Mobility Scooter Poncho

You might want to keep a mobility scooter poncho on board at all times. You never know when the weather might change on you, and you don’t want to stop having fun when a few raindrops fall.

LED Light

An LED light can illuminate where you are going if you happen to be out in the evening for a stroll in the moonlight. It not only enables you to see clearly where you are going, but it also makes you more visible to others.

Add extra peace of mind and safety to yourself with a light that attaches to your mobility scooter to be more visible at night to others and especially moving vehicles.

LED Strobe Light on Rod

Here is another safety item that you may want to consider if you do any riding around at dusk or evening summer strolls.

An LED strobe light will add a great deal of lighted protection, with a strobe feature that will surely get you seen by traffic and other vehicles on the road or sidewalks.

If you are an evening person, this is one way to light up your path. This will also make you more visible to others and vehicles that may travel in your path or next to you. Always best to be safer than not to be.

Oxygen Tank Holder

If you are a person who requires the use of oxygen in your daily life then an oxygen tank holder on your mobility scooter is a must for you. It will enable you to safely carry your oxygen wherever you go without the fear of it falling or being dropped.

An oxygen tank holder holds oxygen tanks securely so they do not bounce around or fall over and they are not able to fall out like if they were in just a basket.

Phone Holder

Having your phone handy is a good idea if you are using it for directions or just do not want to dig for it if it rings.

Having it out and available will also make it a lot easier to hear when it rings. A phone holder solves that problem and gives you a hands-free holding of your phone.

You can even get phone holders that can charge your cell phones along your way, by plugging into your charging port on your scooter.

Rear View Mirror(s)

A rearview mirror or two would be very beneficial if you are to be riding your mobility scooter in a busy place with lots of people, or other vehicles.

Using a rearview mirror would keep you from having to turn your head often to see approaching vehicles or people behind you before you move over on a sidewalk, recreational path, or trail.

It will help you not to move over in front of someone and potentially cause an accident.

Reflective Safety Vest

If you are to be riding your scooter in and out of traffic or near a busy road, it would be important to have a bright reflective safety vest on to be more visible to avoid a potential danger of being hit.

A reflective safety vest would be added safety to your scooter adventures. A reflective vest can make you more visible to others and offers more protection in the evenings when the sun has gone down.

Scooter Canopy

A scooter canopy will not only block you from the sun, but it will keep you a few degrees cooler on hot days and protect you from the rain in case you were to get caught in it.

A mounted umbrella can also act as a canopy to keep the elements off of you while scooting around.

Seatback Bag

A seatback bag would be an excellent place to carry a picnic lunch to picnic with friends or to carry supplies you may need to carry out medical upkeeps throughout the day.

Walking Aids Holder

If you are a person who needs aid in walking when you get up from your mobility scooter, you know how important it is to have your walking aids with you. A walking aid holder that attaches to your scooter is a must for you.

Having a walking aide holder will keep your walking aide safely secure while your scooter is in motion.

Weather Cover

A weather cover is a large bag that is rain resistant that you put over your mobility scooter if you need to keep it outside or when you are transporting it in your car in the rain.

It will keep important components dry and keep them in good working order.

A weather cover is very important to keep your scooter from getting wet and well protected in undesirable weather conditions.

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