What Is The Best Kick Scooter For Toddlers?

You have to admit, that our children grow up very fast. With that said, it is great when we can find toys for them that can last a few years. Getting a kick scooter that fits a toddler, grows with your toddler, and is a lot of fun is the best solution. So what is the best kick scooter for toddlers that can fulfill all this?

The best kick scooter for toddlers would be an adjustable sit-and-stand kick scooter with two wheels in the front for more stability, an adjustable seat that can be removed or folded out of the way when no longer needed, and the ability to change and adjust the handlebar heights for a growing child.

There are many types of kick scooters for toddlers on the market, but finding the one that suits all your toddlers’ needs and your budget can offer some challenges. You may have further questions, like what age can my toddler use a scooter, and what would be the pros and cons of a kick scooter for my toddler? Furthermore, you may need to know how to choose a kick scooter for your toddler, and what to look for and consider when making your decision.

What Age Can A Toddler Ride A Scooter?

Toddlers, on average as young as one can begin to scoot with a kick scooter that has a seat for them to sit on until they have gained the coordination and confidence to stand and scoot. These scooters work for children walking with decent balance and are a great starter scooter.

A scooter with an adjustable seat and handlebars is more adaptable to different heights of toddlers as they grow. Another option for the youngest of toddlers is a seated scooter with a push pole to help your child along.

Kick Scooter For Toddlers Exercise Benefits

Any activity that can get your child moving and spending time outside has its benefits. Fresh air, sunshine, and movement are all beneficial to a child’s overall being and development. A kick scooter in addition to being a fun activity for your toddler has exercise benefits, such as strengthening their legs, core, arms, and hands. It also helps with coordination and balance.

Do consider the risks of this beneficial activity. There are likely going to be some tumbles, so having proper protective gear for your toddler to wear is crucial. A properly fitting helmet is number one, most especially when they start standing and scooting. You may want to equip your child with elbow and or knee pads for extra protection from falls.

Kick Scooter For Toddlers Pros And Cons

You might be wondering if a kick scooter for a toddler is a good toy. A proper-sized scooter that is age appropriate is a good toy that can help your child build strength and coordination and provide a young child with tons of fun!

Here I weigh in on the pros and cons of a kick scooter for toddlers.


  • Outside fun
  • A good form of exercise
  • Learn the importance of safety
  • Builds coordination and strength
  • Gain independence and confidence


  • Learning curve
  • Tumbles (which need to be protected with proper safety gear)

How Do I Choose A Scooter For My Child?

This could be the big question on your mind when starting the process of choosing a scooter for your child. Here are some pertinent things to keep in mind…

  • Your budget
  • The age of your child
  • Handlebar height and adjustability
  • Your child’s mobility, are they walking, how well?
  • Weight and height of child/weight capacity of the scooter.
  • Portability of scooter, do you want to transport it easily?
  • Does the scooter have a seat that is easily removable without tools?
  • How many wheels does the scooter have and are they slower-moving or fast?
  • Can your child grip and hold on to handlebars with their hands?
  • Is this an activity you are looking at for the long term?

Budget is sometimes a big concern when buying children’s toys since they grow out of them so fast. We hate to spend big bucks on something that will be used just a few times because they have outgrown it or become bored with it. Finding a kick scooter for your child that can get years of use is the ultimate goal.

Buying a scooter that is age-appropriate is a key factor when choosing a scooter. If you buy a scooter that is for a different age than your child, they will not be able to ride it safely. So buying an age-appropriate scooter within an age range will ensure that it is the safest option for your child, but most importantly, it will be more fun.

The weight and height of your child play important roles in determining a good scooter for your child also. Having handlebars that are too high or too short can not only be uncomfortable but also not safe. Pick a scooter that you can adjust the handlebars so that you get the best fit.

Another thing to consider is how well your child is walking. Are they a younger toddler and just starting to walk and need a more stable scooter or are they a little older and can balance very well on their own? This will determine the type of scooter that you need to ensure a fun safe adventure in the world of scooting.

Another question you may want to ask yourself is will you want to take the scooter places or will you just be using it at your home and in your neighborhood? If you plan on transporting it in any way, you might want to consider scooters that can easily fold up and or disassemble.

An added feature that kids will love is light-up wheels on their scooters.

Which Kick Scooter Is Best For Kids?

The best kick scooter for toddlers, and up that I have found that will cover them from 1-year-old to 5 years old is the Micro Kickboard – Mini 3in1 Deluxe. This scooter has an adjustable seat for toddlers to get used to pushing off with their feet while giving them the stability they need and will enable them to build the muscles needed to kick scoot.

The Micro Kickboard – Mini 3in1 Deluxe is the best scooter for toddlers, the best scooter for a 2-year-old, the best scooter for a 3-year-old, and the best scooter for a 4-year-old, and the best scooter for a 5-year-old. This one scooter will cover all these ages which is the best buy.

Since children grow so fast, buying one scooter that can last many years, can be a budget-friendly solution.

Toddler Kick Scooter Carry Bag

For a fun way to travel with an older toddler, you might try a kick scooter carry bag (which is a kick scooter with a suitcase attached to it). This is a fun way for a child to carry their belongings and enables them to keep up with you in the airport.

Pay close attention to weight limits when using a kick scooter carry bag luggage, this would include the weight of the child and what they put in the suitcase. If the scooter is overloaded it will put undue stress on the kick scooter and it may not perform well, and could even break completely.

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