Tool Kits For Stunt Scooters: Which One Is Right For You?

I don’t know about you, but when I am new at something I like it spelled out for me. Having a list of tools with everything I need to get me started, takes all the pain out of trying to figure out what I need. Here I help you get started with some ideas, for tool kits for stunt scooters.

Essential tools for a stunt scooter tool kit…

Scooter tool kits are a must to keep your scooter tightened up and running smoothly. The different kits below that I outline will give you an idea of the tools you need for the job you want to perform.

Stunt Scooter Travel Tool Kit

I call this a travel tool kit because it is a small set of tools that you can carry around with you in a backpack to a scooter park or your favorite scooter riding destination. These tools and accessories will keep you going without having to borrow tools from others or stop riding because of a loose nut or bolt. First of all, start off with a small bag to carry everything in.

Here is a description of the tools for your travel kit. In no particular order.

  • Allen Wrenches / Allen Key / Hex Key
    • Common sizes used most often on a stunt scooter is 4, 5, and 6m.
    • The Allen Key is used to tighten most screws on a stunt scooter.
  • Standard / Slotted Screwdriver: Medium Size
    • You can use a standard screwdriver to pry out bar ends that are broken.
    • Hold bolts while tightening. You would wedge the screwdriver between the bolt and the scooter bed.
    • Rub the screwdriver along grip tape before cutting to make a clean edge marking before you trim the grip tape.
  • Locking Pliers / Vise Grips Medium Size
    • Vise Grips are great for holding bolts while tightening them.
  • Utility Knife / Razor Blade (Use with caution and under supervision if you are young.)
    • Having a utility knife is a great tool for popping air bubbles on your grip tape or handlebar grips.
    • Also can trim off grip tape after applying it.
  • Adjustable Wrench: Medium Size
    • This is good for tightening bolts or headset.
    • Also can hold nuts while tightening.
  • Plastic Head Hammer: Small
    • You can use a hammer to tap out bearings and tap bearings back in
    • Tap handlebars until they are straight while making adjustments.
    • Also, a hammer can be used to tap in the bar ends.
  • Ratchet and Socket 13m
    • Tighten wheel bolts with this tool.

Accessories that will come in handy are:

  • 3 in 1 oil
    • If you developed a squeak in your headset, this will quiet it down.
    • Also will help the bearings run smoother and faster.
  • Skate wax
    • Use this to wax the bottom of your scooter deck and or the rail you are going to grind on. This reduces friction and helps you to slide faster in the grind.
    • An inexpensive alternative to Skate Wax would be a small votive candle.
  • Loctite
    • This is a product that you put on bolts to keep them from backing out of the holes they are screwed into. It helps ensure that your bolts stay secure.
  • Sharpie Marker
    • If you are at a well-known skate park, you never know when you might run into a famous scooter rider and you want to get their autograph!

Stunt Scooter Beginner Tool Kit

This is a set of tools that are basic to keep your scooter tightened up and running smoothly in between rides. I have included the Stunt Scooter Travel Tool Kit as the base and branched out from there. These are in no particular order.

Pipe Cutter Tool
  • Pipe Cutter
    • If you need to cut down handlebars or shorten them, this is a good little tool to have. You can use this instead of a hack saw. It is easier to use but takes some muscle.
  • Standard / Slotted Screw Drivers
    • A variety of about 3 from small to large size is always handy to have, they are good for things other than screws. But keep in mind if not used properly, it may ruin the tip of the screwdriver.
  • Multi-grooved Plier Also referred to as Channel locks
    • A medium-size pair of channel locks will come in handy as an addition to an adjustable wrench to help hold things when tightening larger nuts.
  • Needle-nose pliers Medium size
    • Always a good idea to have a pair of needle-nose pliers on hand.
  • Hack Saw with steel cutting blade
    • Hack Saw can be used to cut handlebars narrower or shorten the handlebars.
  • Files: Metal
    • These are needed to smooth out metal after it is cut as in handlebars, etc.
  • Safety Glasses
    • Always practice safety when using tools, especially power tools, and wear safety glasses.
  • Heat Gun
    • A heat gun will assist in removing grip tape. A hairdryer might work if it gets hot enough.
  • Straight Edge / Ruler
    • Can be used to measure and run a razor alongside when cutting grip tape.
  • Tape Measure
    • This is a must-have if you are going to do any kind of mods. Measure out the size you need before doing any cutting.

Additional Supplies

  • Multi-Purpose Grease
    • Grease bearings when servicing them
    • Grease metal parts that are squeaking or rubbing together.
  • Velcro: Self Adhesive
    • Use velcro to restick the helmet foam pads in your helmet.

Stunt Scooter Pro Tool Kit

This set of tools in this kit does include the Stunt Scooter Travel Tool Kit and the Stunt Scooter Beginner Tool Kit. I go on to add more tools for more custom work and more precise tools for certain applications on your scooter.

Angle Grinder Tool
  • Power Grinder / Angle Grinder
    • You would use a grinder to cut scooter decks down, shorten bars, and or handlebars.
  • 36m Open End Wrench
    • Having 2 of these will make removing and tightening headsets a lot easier.
  • Bearing puller/inserters
    • These are a tool that allows you to properly remove bearings from wheels and any other bearing that needs to be removed.
    • The bearing inserter will install a bearing safely without damage to the bearing or wheel.
  • Papercutting Board
    • A paper cutter board will cut grip tape very straight. But this can be done with a straight edge and razor blade.
  • Reciprocal Saw
    • A reciprocal saw can be used to assist in cutting scooter decks
  • Table saws
    • When cutting a scooter deck, the best tool to use is a table saw. It keeps it stable and makes a straight cut.
  • Vise clamps
    • A Vise Clamp is usually secured to a bench or table and is used to hold items secure while working on them.
  • Drill
    • Hand-held drills or a drill press is used to put holes in the metal pieces of the scooter parts.
  • Drill bits
    • Drill bits for metal are needed to put holes in the metal parts of a scooter when cutting down a deck and replacing the screws or bolts.
  • Sandpaper
    • A variety of different grit sandpaper is good to have on hand. You will need a heavier grit to sand pipes or decks that have been cut to make sure they are smooth.
  • Cutting Guide
    • It is a guide used with a hacksaw to cut handlebars, pegs, fork steer tubes, etc. It will hold the pipe steady and give you a straight cut when using a hacksaw.

Stunt Scooter Hacks

  • Sweaty Palms while riding a problem?
    • Rub dirt on your hands or powder or similar substances. This will absorb the moisture and give you a better grip on your handlebars.
  • Bar Ends Loose?
    • Wrap the ends that go into handlebars with electrical tape. One or more wraps until they fit snug.
  • Scooter Scuffs Making Your Scooter Look Bad?
    • Sharpies that match your scooter color can touch up the paint scuff marks. Just draw on the scuff marks with the sharpie and your scooter will look better.
  • Hand Grips Sliding Around?
    • Use hairspray. Crazy right, but it is a hack to get handlebar grips to stick to the bar and keep from sliding around. Remove handlebar grips, clean off excess oils from the bar, and inside of grips. Then spray bars and inside of grips with hairspray, replace grips and give it a few hours to dry well. They should hold firm.

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