What Is The Best Kick Scooter For Adults Just Starting Out?

I have had this thought in my mind of what is the best starter kick scooter? Kick scooters can be a great form of exercise and recreation for adults, so I have decided to give them a try. But, what is the best kick scooter for me as an adult when just starting out?

The best kick scooter for adults just starting out is a Xootr Mg scooter which can accommodate most adults up to 800 lbs (362 kg) and can accommodate a max height of 6’7″. It has a larger deck and is a sturdy well-built scooter that feels stable when riding.

There are many kick scooters on the market that will also be good for beginners if maybe you are a smaller adult. I will give you the basic details to look for, so you know what to look for when you make your first purchase. I highly recommend Xootr scooters for a beginner scooter if your budget is not so tight. It would accommodate just about any weight and height.

For myself, I chose kick scooters with pneumatic tires for my starter scooters. See my post here about Kick Scooters With Air Tires. These are budget-friendly for someone interested in the hobby to try. Here are my beginning choices:

First Of All: What Is A Kick Scooter?

A kick scooter is a human-powered wheeled vehicle that you stand on. Your feet or one foot is on a deck and you hold onto handlebars connected to a tube shaft. You steer the scooter with the handlebars. They usually have two wheels, one in the front and one in the back.

The more common scooter that may come to mind as shown here, has a rear friction brake and sometimes a front v brake.

There are different styles of kick scooters, the most common one is the smaller ones with small plastic wheels that kids ride and some are sturdy enough for adults.

Image courtesy of Candid_Shots Pixabay

A kick scooter is a portable form of transportation or as a recreational activity that can generally be carried when not riding it. Some scooters are smaller than a bike and more compact. Some kick scooters can be folded and even have a strap for carrying. Some are compact enough to store in smaller spaces and others are as big as a bicycle.

Scooters with pneumatic tires tend to have a better feeling ride that reduces some shock and can feel more stable. But it depends on the purpose of the scooter as to what type you choose. You may have several scooters eventually to serve different purposes.

Are Kick Sccoters Easy To Ride?

Yes, just like with anything in your life, there is a learning curve. It was hard to walk when you started, but you did it and here you are getting ready to ride your first kick scooter.

Learning how to ride a kick scooter is easier than a bike because you do not have as much balancing involved and if you start to fall on a kick scooter, you just step off. As with a bike that you are seated on and two feet on pedals it is a little more difficult to get your footing if you were to start falling.

Check out my post “How To Ride A Kick Scooter For The First Time”.

Kick Scooter Safety: Practice It!

I cannot stress enough about practicing safety when it comes to riding a kick scooter, especially if you are a new rider. There is nothing worse than ruining a fun time where you can’t continue because of a head injury of banged knees or elbows.

Here is the best tip I can give you, if nothing else, wear a helmet. It is so much better to be safe than sorry. It will allow you to give it your all when you are riding your scooter, one less thing to worry about, HURTING YOURSELF. See the importance of wearing a helmet here.

Also what is important is protecting your limbs from injury too. That is where elbow and knee pads come in. Believe me, if you fall wrong and especially if you are an older adult, it can be more painful and longer to recover. So why not just gear up in the first place and enjoy the ride!

Is There A Kick Scooter Weight Limit?

Yes, kick scooters have maximum weight limits on them, and they are as different as the different scooters available. Weight limit max on kick scooters goes from as low as 99 lbs. (45 kg) all the way up to over 800 lbs. (363 kg). The average is 220 lbs. (100 kg). I am going to focus on the 220 lbs. (100 kg) and above because those are the sizes of average-sized adults who can be ridden safely. If you are above average size you can check out my post on kick scooters for heavy adults here.

So when looking for a scooter, always look for the maximum weight load and make sure your weight does not exceed that max weight. If it does, look for another scooter. Otherwise, you will put undue stress on the scooter and it may not last as long, worse yet, be unstable and unsafe. And I am guessing also it will not be covered under its warranty if it were to break.

Having a kick scooter that can accommodate your weight and then some is a safer option when it comes to riding the scooter. Don’t be concerned with a scooter that has a maximum weight greater than your own weight, but do be very concerned about a scooter that does not go up to your weight and beyond.

A kick scooter that is too small for the person riding it can be an unsafe experience. It is important to practice safe scooting so you can have fun and not end up injured. So read up on the specs or check the box before your purchase.

I have mentioned the weight capacity on a kick scooter that will hold the average adult, now let’s talk about the handlebar height and the importance of properly adjusted handlebars for your height.

Proper Handlebar Height On A Kick Scooter

Handlebars that are not at proper height can become a safety issue.

It is important that the handlebars on the kick scooter are not too low or you will be stooped over too much when riding and that can become uncomfortable very quickly. In addition, handlebars that are too low can be a safety hazard as the rider will have much more of a chance of flying over the handlebars if there is a sudden stop.

Having handlebars that are too high can also become an issue. If you are a shorter adult, you never want handlebars above your waist. If handlebars are at chest height or above that can lead to an injury to your chest and or neck. Also riding a kick scooter with your hands above your waist could become an uncomfortable ride and more difficulty steering.

Handlebar Sizing Chart

The best height for handlebars for a kick scooter would fall between the waist and the hips of a rider, and that measurement would depend on the person’s personal height. See the chart below to help you decide when looking for your first kick scooter.

Kick Scooter Deck Considerations

When looking for your first scooter, you want to consider the deck size. The deck of a scooter is the platform you stand on. With that said, you want to make sure that at least one foot can fit on the deck. If you are not able to place one foot flat and firmly on the kick scooter deck, you should not think about buying it at all. Ideally, you would want to be able to have enough room for both feet to somewhat fit on the deck, that way when you are gliding you have a place for the kicking foot to rest.

A kick scooter deck that is too small for your foot can make riding the scooter unstable and not comfortable. Not feeling stable while riding a scooter can also cause undue safety hazards. See the chart above to get an idea of a proper size deck for your size.

You also want to make sure the scooter deck has a good grip. It helps your feet from easily slipping off the deck while riding. This is usually achieved with what is called “Grip Tape“. The best grip tape for scooter decks is unworn, clean, and not peeling up.

There are two main ways that grip tape is placed on a scooter deck.

This could be a personal preference. But if you are doing stunts you probably want the whole deck covered.

If you want to learn how to apply grip tape, check out my post, “How To Put Grip Tape On A Scooter Deck: 6 Steps”.

The Best Size Scooter For Adults Commuting To And From Work

A scooter with larger tires and maybe even pneumatic tires will give a more stable comfortable ride on different terrains that you may encounter when commuting versus just leisure scootering on flat smooth pavement. Also, shock absorbers on the front wheel can make a scooter absorb the shocks more of uneven terrain that could be experienced while commuting, say in a city setting.

A bigger scooter with bigger wheels around 200mm is a good start. A wider deck around 4″ wide would feel more stable for a beginner or even a more comfortable ride for a seasoned kick scooter rider.

Kick Scooter Speed: How Fast Can I Go?

You can go as fast as you feel comfortable going. But of course, scooters can only go so fast, and the speeds are contingent on different variables, like the bearings, wheels, or tires (in theory, larger wheels on a scooter will make the scooter go faster if you have some need for speed), weight of the rider, and how hard and fast you can kick off with the push leg.

But on average a kick scooter at a leisurely pace can go anywhere from 6-10 mph. If you really want to kick it and go down an incline, you might get it well over 20 mph. You better be suited up. Safety first! 🙂

To Sum It All Up…

The best kick scooter to buy is the one that fits your budget and body size. I hope this post has given you the information you need to start your new scooter journey.

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