Alternative Handlebar Grip Tapes

These alternative grips and grips tapes can be used on kick scooters, electric scooters, bikes, and the like. Sometimes you may like the alternative versus the traditional standard grips.

Baseball Bat Grip Tapes That Can Be Used For Scooters

Bat Grip Tape Suitable For Scooters And More

Baseball grip tape comes in really cool colors for the cool side of you. They are cushioned and slip resistant which can work just as well for a scooter handlebar.

This may be a product that you like best. It might be worth giving it a try. Click on the image to get more information and to purchase.

Tennis Racket/Badminton/Bike Grip Tape That Can Be Used For Scooters

Bike Handlebar Tape

Bike handlebar grip tape is another alternative that works very well for scooter bars.

Tennis Racket Grip Tape 

Tennis racket grip tape can work just as well for your scooter handlebars as with any other bar grip tape.

Deck Grip Tapes

Skateboard grip tape is an alternative that can be used on kick scooters. Don’t limit yourself when it comes to decking out your deck with coolness!

Galaxy Stars Scooter Grip tape Deck

  • 9″ x 33″
  • Self-stick

Variety Deck Grip Tape

  • 9″ x 33″
  • Self Adhesive