During my research, I have explored many, many scooters and these are a few that have caught my attention. From affordability to uniqueness. Here I share my search with you.

Commuting Scooters


Xootr Mg Teen/Adult Kick Scooter

Xootr Cruz Teen/Adult Kick Scooter

XOOTR Dash Teen/Adult Kick Scooter

Xootr kick scooters are by far the best kick scooters I have found. They are good for teens and adults of all sizes (max weight 800 lbs. 363 kg) with a larger foot deck, which gives this a more stable ride. Added front brake gives extra stopping power in these Xootr scooters. And they fold up for easy carry. A Xootr scooter is on my list of kick scooters to own. Check out more about Xootr Scooters on my post here.

Razor A5 Air Kick Scooter

This is a good scooter that folds up and has a bit more shock-absorbing because of the pneumatic tires. It enables you to go over all terrain with more ease than traditionally poly tires.

Recreation Kick Scooters

Schwinn Shuffle Adult Scooter

This larger wheeled recreational kick scooter is a good budget-friendly kick scooter to introduce you to kick scooters with a more stable feeling ride.

Osprey BMX Adult Scooter with Big Wheels

This all-terrain BMX-style kick scooter lets you get off the road and onto new adventures.

Kids Kick Scooters

6KU 3 Wheels Kick Scooter for Kids and Toddlers

3 wheeled scooters give extra stability for little riders just starting out. Great starter scooters for very young riders.


Envy Scooters ONE S3 Stunt Scooter

This scooter is a great starter scooter for the little pro-stunt rider.

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete Trick Scooter

Another great choice for the beginner stunt scooter rider dreaming of being a pro scooter rider someday! This scooter will grow with your child as it holds weight up to 220 lbs.

Dirt Kick Scooters

Razor Pro RDS Dirt Scooter – Red – FFP

This scooter with the pneumatics tires enables the rider to jump off-road and onto rougher terrain for more of an adventure.

Scooter Decks

Here are some top picks in scooter decks for the stunt, trick riders. These have gotten some good reviews from avid pro scooter riders.

Ethic DTC Erawan Scooter Deck – Red

For the more experienced stunt scooter riders who want to build their own scoot, this is a popular pick.

District Mythos Pro Scooter Deck – 5.7″ Wide Street Stunt Scooter Deck

Another popular pick for scooter builds is the District Dk253. You can’t go wrong with this epic scooter deck.

Underwater Scooters

What I was surprised to come across in my scooter research were underwater scooters. I found them quite unique and eager to give them a try on my next tropical vacation.

AQUAROBOTMAN MagicJet Seascooter

For taking scootering a step further by taking it to the water. Want a unique water experience? Try scooting your way around the sea with this water-scooter.